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buttonhole notebooks

size:  A7 portrait

code:  a7buttonhole

dimensions:  115mmx 75mm

page surface area:  115mm x 75mm

# of pages / surfaces:  100 / 200

price:  $15

bh group (2).jpg

size:  A6 portrait

code:  a6buttonhole

dimensions:  150mmx 115mm

page surface area:  150mm x 110mm

# of pages / surfaces:  100 / 200

price:  $19

size:  A5 portrait

code:  a5buttonhole

dimensions:  210mmx 155mm

page surface area:  210mm x 150mm

# of pages / surfaces:  100 / 200

price:  $26

  • these fabric covered notebooks feature a hand stitched "peek a boo" cover

  • front page includes a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson - "some books make us free, some books leave us free, may you find your freedom here"

  • features 110gsm acid free cartridge paper

  • ideal for writing & drawing

  • hand stitched spine allows the book to be opened flat

to customise your buttonhole notebook:

  1. select a size - A7, A6, A5 or A4

  2. select a cover from one of our FABRIC cover pages & take a note of it's code - for example  KY: white cockatoo (from our fauna inspired prints)

  3. go to the CUSTOM DESIGN product in the shop

  4. pick a binding colour from the drop down menu

  5. type the cover code into the box provided

  • please allow 7-10 days for us to create your custom book

size:  A4 portrait

code:  a4buttonhole

dimensions:  297mmx 215mm

page surface area:  297mm x 210mm

# of pages / surfaces:  100 / 200

price:  $35

bh a5 KW grid.jpg


various green

various green



various purple

various purple



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