a selection of different textures, weights & weaves

EG:  text - natural
EH:  text - grey
EF:  text - red
CO:  voyages
LS:  travel destinations
CN:  retro scooters
LT:  hippy feathers
AS:  peacock - cream
temporarily unavailable
MD: arabian nights feathers
FL: peacock perfection - feathers
FK: peacock perfection - large tails
FM: peacock perfection - jacobean floral
DK: arabian nights white panel
DS: arabian nights black panel
FJ: peacock perfection - metallic swirls
LW:  sugar skulls - red
DV: sugar skulls - black
KR:  hey sailor - teal
DL: hey sailor - black
KS:  lucky - red
GP: japanese kanji cream
MZ: japanese kanji fish
LU:  arrows
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