fabric - flora inspired prints

a selection of different textures, weights & weaves

LV:  flowers & gumnuts
HJ:  midnight flora
DF: forest fancies - circle flower
CR: forest fancies - leaves - teal
CS: forest fancies - jungle flowers
EV: succulents - multi
temporarily unavailable
FN:  protea - multi
EU: frida kahlo - geometric
CK:  poppies - blue on maroon
CM:  poppies green on red
CL:  poppies maroon on blue
DK: arabian nights white panel
DS:  arabian nights black panel
MD: arabian nights feathers
peacock perfection - feathers FL - L
CG:  arabian nights - vines cream
CH:  arabian nights - vines black
BN:  arabian nights - floral cream
FM: peacock perfection - jacobean floral
BM:  arabian nights - floral black
BL: arabian nights geometric
DI: vintage
KU:  ethereal jungle - pink
KW:  gum blossom - white
HD:  eucalyptus - lilac
FG: eucalyptus parrot - ivory
FF: gum blossom - blue
FE: gum blossom - emerald
KV:  lillipilli - grey
KX:  lillipilli - black
KP:  little penda - black
KQ:  orange blossom
FH: all the animals - teal
HC:  waratah - blue
FI: kirsten katz - natives - mustard
CF: cherries - white
CE: cherries - black
KT:  wild floral - royal
LW:  sugar skulls - red
DV: sugar skulls - black
VZ: grecian still life
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